Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300: A Complete Analysis and Verdict

Juicing is an art, and you need the perfect instrument to match your enthusiasm. The Vitamix 5200 and 5300 sure have some things in common. They even look somewhat similar. So, are they interchangeable? In this review, we will compare the performance of the countertop blenders and decide which one is the clear winner.

Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300

You can heat soup ingredients. The blades can create enough friction to ensure the your soup is heated up well in 6 minutes

The 2.2 HP motor will blend anything you put into it with smooth and even consistency

Key Questions To Ask When Buying A Blender

How To Choose The Best Blender?

Vitamix is among one of the few main contenders in the blender market. The first difference you will notice between the two blenders is that of the containers. They are both C-series, but the 5300 has one major advantage when it comes to operations. If you like adding ingredients while the machine is running, then the low profile container of the Vitamix 5300 will keep you happy and satisfied. The bonus is, if you have low hanging cabinets, this works out perfectly. The 5200 is not a bad machine by any measure, but we do like having the choice of mixing up the juice profile by adding things we want to on the go.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits Of These Blenders?

Blenders are the heart and soul of anyone who likes juicing. Normal mixers are awful at blending. They heat the juice, which means you end up getting an oxidized, brown mush seconds after you have poured it in a glass. A good blender lasts a lifetime and will keep you with a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables on the go. They use flatter, dull blades to churn and not shred, so you get an even consistency of blending and get the most nutrition out of the vegetable. Keep your family healthy and happy with a daily dose of freshness with the blenders. 

Attributes That Differentiate These Products

Motor: Winner – Vitamix 5300

The motor of both machines happens to be durable and strong, but the newer model is considered more powerful. It also makes less noise, which is perfect if you have children at home.

Blades: Tie 

The 5300 has a larger blade size compared to 5200. The cutting area is larger. You might not notice a lot of difference in performance.

Container: Winner – Vitamix 5300

As we said before, the container makes a difference. Whereas they are 64 oz and BPA free in both cases, the newer model is perfect for being a low shelf. You can store them much more easily, and clean them with convenience.

Pulse Setting: Winner – Vitamix 5300

Sometimes you just want quick bursts of pulsing and not consistent blending. The old Vitamix lacked this, and 5300 has solved this issue. You do not have to switch the power button on and off to achieve pulse consistency anymore.

Warranty: Winner - Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 comes with a solid 7-year warranty, while the 5300 model comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Cooling: Winner – Vitamix 5300

The engine of the 5300 is more powerful than the 5200, and so is the cooling system. The cooling fan is efficient and has thermal protection capacity. This will keep your machine from getting damaged for a very long time. Might we say, it could even outlast the warranty?

What's The Best Way To Use The Blender?

If you are tired of drinking juices, let us break the news. Blenders are not just for juicing. You can make fantastic nut butter in them, which will keep your family happy and satisfied.

The best thing about the Vitamix blenders is that they come with recipe cookbooks. 5300 has significantly more recipes when compared to the older model. But either way, you have a lot of room for experimentation. Besides, juicing is the easiest way to get your family to drink some nutritious and yummy fruits and vegetables.

Is It Worth Paying Over $100 Extra For The Newer Model?

Considering the blade, pulse, cooling, and engine upgrades, we get why the new model will be priced higher. The new features are much needed, and frankly, we don't see why you should not leverage the pulse feature. Any health enthusiast must use this daily, and you need all the power you can get. So, yes. We do think the higher price is matched by the quality of the product. 

However, if you are looking for value for money products, and don't want to spend too much, the 5200 is a fine choice. The lack of performance can be made up for in the price difference.

Prerequisites/Precautions For Using Blenders

It might be tempting to take out a little of what is mixing in the blender with your spoon to get a taste. But this is a dangerous idea, and the biggest no-no when using a blender. Never put a utensil inside the blender when the machine is running. Cords go through a lot of rough wear and tear over the years. If you have frayed cords, never run the blender, or you will end up costing a lot in electrical repairs. Frayed cords are a recipe for an accident. Get it fixed, or get a new blender. If you are blending thick products like nut butter, don't use the blender for over 3 minutes. The higher resistance can heat the machine even if you have a good cooling system.

Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 : An Inside Peek At The Products

Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 is an excellent product. You can adjust the speed in various settings to get whatever consistency of food you desire. The dial rotation is not dependent on the machine running. So, if you have set a high consistency and want to change it to low consistency mid-blending, you are perfectly alright doing so. You can blend medium to large batches of product. The 64 oz will fit things nice and cool down the machine with the in-built thermal protection system. Which means, blend as much as you want to.

Did you know you can heat soup ingredients in the Vitamix? The blades create enough friction to ensure the whole thing is heated up well in 6 minutes. So, put in whatever you have leftover in the fridge and get a perfect meal every time. The blades are made of steel that could withstand anything. Beetroot, carrot, or whatever hard vegetable you want to blend, you will get the same consistency. Cleaning the machine is a breeze. A drop of water and soap and you can scoop out all the lodged food in the container in a minute.


  • Thermal protection and radial cooling
  • Heats soup in 6 minutes in blending
  • Aircraft-grade steel blades can blend anything
  • 7- year full warranty
  • Change the blend setting at any time


  • The engine might be too powerful for the blender build. It slides when blending
  • The power cord could be improved

The motor of the 5300 is easily superior to the predecessor. The 2.2 HP motor will blend anything you put into it with smooth and even consistency. The speed rotation feature is the same in this one too. This means you can change the speed at any time while the machine is running, which gives you a lot of control over the consistency. 

But the highlight of the machine is the pulse button. It allows you to chop veggies coarsely, whereas getting even blends. You can make a lot more recipes like chunky vegetable soups and salsa.

A new feature that has been added is an additional safety step with a blue-light button – to turn the thing on. Now, this has received a lot of mixed reviews. Some users think the added safety feature is overkill. But we think this could help if you want to change your mind at the last moment.

The last thing that could help you make the decision is that the blender is made in the USA, so you can be assured that the highest standards are being set and followed when building.


  • The container is shorter and wider but has the same 64 oz capacity
  • Easier to store and clean in any kitchen cabinet
  • The machine also makes less noise and has lighter plastic
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy storage
  • The powerful engine blends anything
  • Lighter built makes for easy transportation
  • When cleaning, your hand has a lot of freedom of moment to reach the trickiest corners
  • Added switch on safety features


  • Not good for frozen smoothies at low speed


Both Vitamix 5200 and 5300 have powerful functionality. They are similar in many aspects, but we have highlighted all the key differences that will help you make the decision, should you decide to buy the blender.

In a limited budget, the 5200 is a good machine. But the added safety, pulse, built and engine features are what make the 5300 a much superior choice. It also has a quieter operation, which will suit anyone with kids and elders in the family. If you are buying a new machine and have the budget, we recommend that you start with the Vitamix 5300. The extra benefits are definitely worth the price.