The Best Juicer For Celery in 2020

The most recent splash in the world of healthcare is celery juice. From clearing up acne to cleaning blood, you cannot go wrong incorporating a couple of glasses of celery juice in your diet every day. 

However, juicing gets messy and if you don’t have the proper blender, you end up with chunks of raw celery in your drink. In this article, we will closely look at some of the best blenders to come up with the best juicer for celery.

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Best Juicers For Celery

The Omega juicer can easy handle all your vegetables and fruits. With a low speed of 80rpm it ensures minimal heat build up and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes

A juicer that is very easy to clean due to its simple design. The 150 Watt motor produces noise less than 60 decibels ensuring quiet operation

This juicer has a dual edge auger and produces higher yield juice all thanks to its ultra low 43RPM operating speed. With a whopping 15 year guarantee, you won't be having second thoughts

The Aicok masticating juicer perfectly separates the pomace from the juice giving you a juice enriched with high nutrients from all your favorite fruits and vegetables

This SKG juicer is equipped with a 80mm wide chute allowing you to insert your fruit and vegetables with little or no cutting

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying The Best Celery Juicer

What qualities should the best celery juicer have?

When you are juicing any raw vegetable, the liquid tends to rise to the top and the chunks settle down at the bottom, under the blade. 

So, unless the juicer has a slow mastication extraction process, which circulates the bottom sediment ensuring a fine grind, you are looking at chunky, chewy juice that is a choking hazard. 

Many people also dislike pulp texture. The pure fiber is extremely beneficial for your health, but not everyone can stomach the dry sand texture. So, if separating the pulp is crucial for you, your ideal juicer is one that comes with separation for juice and pulp.

What are the advantages of using specialized juicers?

Many people ask this question often. Why do they need to buy a juicer at all? Why not just throw in chopped up celeries in a regular blender, strain it and be done with it? 

To them, we have to say only one thing. You are defeating the purpose of juicing by roughly chopping the veggie and then dumping the unblended part. Juicing should be done right.

The majority of the nutrients do not get properly extracted in the liquid when blenders shred the celery. Juicers tend to grind, and not blend, the mixture slowly. This allows for maximum separation of the nutrients from the pulp.

So, even if you are dumping the pulp, you are only ditching the fiber and not the valuable minerals and vitamins that will give you the glowing skin and shiny hair. 

What are the key features of a celery juicer? 

  • Ensure that there is a pulp separator.

  • Know the juicing process. If it masticating, grinding, blending or shredding?

  • What is the speed of the motor? Lower speed allows better churning and maximum nutrient extraction.

  • What is the warranty period on the juicer? A good juicer should last you at least a few years. It’s not just a common purchase, it’s an investment in your health.

  • How easy is it to clean?

Top 5 Celery Juicers in The Market

I went through a lot of juicers when I was trying to add more green vegetables into my diet. Working round the clock does not leave a lot of time for cooking every day, and juicing seemed like the perfect alternative solution. It did clear up my complexion a lot and made my oily skin issue much better, so naturally, I stuck with it. However, I and my friends have been using a lot of juicers and have found the following fit the right category for us.

The Best Juicers For Celery Available

Omega J8006HDS

This Omega juicer that has a low-speed setting and works at the processing speed of 80RPM max. As I said, speed is important because it extracts the maximum nutrition, protects the enzymes. It also keeps the temperature of the juicing process to stay low at all times, so the juice does not get oxidized fast. 

You can easily carry it to the office or store up to 3 days in the refrigerator without any reduction in the quality of juice. If you are short of time, you can make batches of juice in advance and store them for days in advance.

The auger, which is the key component in any juicer, is pretty strong. There is a dual-stage processing mechanism, so it can extract juice even from some of the toughest vegetables. You can blend other food and make nut butter from it too.


  • I like the juicer because of how easy it is to clean up
  • The juicing parts will fit right in the dishwasher, and once clean, you can quickly reassemble it
  • The motor body can also be cleaned by hand without any difficulty


  • The build quality leaves a lot to be desired. The parts are prone to breaking
  • Replacement parts are not readily available with the manufacturer

The process in this juicer is slow masticating, which means it will slowly grind the nutrients in the blend. This yields a superior quality of juice. You get the full nutritional value of the veggies.

 The spec boasts of extracting over 20 percent more juice than available in any other juicers, and the contents can have more than 30 percent extra nutrients, preserving the original flavor and benefits of celery.

It operates super quietly, under 60 decibels. If you have children in the house it works out really well. There is a mouth feature that protects your hands from getting injured when putting in vegetables.


  • The price of the juicer is quite affordable
  • You can blend a lot more vegetables other than celery
  • Disassembling is very easy and so is cleaning
  • There is a free cleaning brush that will help take out the smallest bits from the bottom


  • The chute is really small, so the vegetables must be cut in smaller pieces that can fit
  • Ensure that harder vegetables are cut really small, otherwise, the juicer tends to wobble

The machine has a dual-edge auger, which does the juicing. It is perfect for breaking down pieces of vegetables into a fine quality juice which is packed with nutrients.

There is a tap available for putting on the end of the juice spout. This will ensure there is no dripping and leaking from the juicer, and the mixing can happen evenly without creating a mess. 

When you are done with the juicing, you can release the juice tap and collect the juice. Then put it back and close it, remove the glass and enjoy a freshly made, nutrient-packed juice.

One of the best things about this juicer is that is vertical instead of horizontal, which allows it to be much more compact and stable. The extraction process is slow and gentle, so the juice is of supreme quality and has all the vital enzymes intact. 

In fact, the speed is slower than most other juicers and has only 43 RPMs which is the optimal time.


  • The auto-cleaning mechanism ensures that the screen is clear and there is a minimized mess
  • We also like the tap collection, which makes for the lowest cleaning requirement afterward
  • There is no foam on top of the juice, which means the quality of the juice is great and it works the slow churning as expected


  • You do have to chop your veggies and fruits into smaller pieces if you don’t want to overwhelm the machine. But there is a reverse switch that ensures that you can easily unfix the stuck up and get along with the juicing process

The design of the Aicok juicer is truly innovative. There is a 7 segment spiral opening which makes the juicer produce a better quality yield with minimum heating and oxidation in the process. There is no foaming in the juice and no clogging. The pulp separator works perfectly well.

It is a smooth-functioning machine and runs within 60 decibels which makes it ideal for a household with small children and elderly people. 

Parts are very easy to handle, assemble and disassemble. Other than the motor part, everything else if fit for the dishwasher, so easy cleaning is guaranteed. The build quality is fit for handling heavy-duty vegetables. There is a quality assurance period of 2 years and along with that, you will receive a lifelong technical consultation for any issues facing the juicer.


  • The build is horizontal but very solid quality
  • Great for quiet household


  • There is a rubber ring inside the juicer at the bottom which is difficult to take out
  • Not as strong to handle uncut vegetables or larger pieces

The chute where you push the vegetables is quite wide at 80 mm. So, you can input large vegetable pieces and big fruits without any difficulty and without cutting them. It can also accommodate products that are longer, like carrots, without cutting. This is a pretty cool feature to have in a juicer, as often many juicers involve dicing the vegetables to fit the chute or the processor.

The motor does have the slow processing speed which gives out a nice, even and quality juice. The pulp separators extract the juice leaving behind only the dry waste. The slow process makes sure the juice stays fresh longer and does not get oxidized. You can enjoy the fresh taste for days after processing it.

It juices all types of produce and not only celery. Put in kale carrots, oranges or beets, and it will work fine for any of these. The strainer that comes with the juicer is super fine, so your juice does not have pieces of produce floating in it.


  • Very easy to disassemble. Makes for a fast and quick cleaning unlike some of the other juicers. A cleaning brush comes included
  • The pulp is extremely dry, so you are not losing out on juice
  • The juice collection container is 32 oz. and included in the package


  • It is very slow to process. If you don’t mind the speed, this is a non-issue
  • The juicer is louder than others on the list


After looking at the features we think, Omega VSJ843RS ticks all the boxes. It has the right vertical build which provides extra stability to the juicing part, especially if you are working on harder vegetables that celery. 

We do not have any complaints about the individual parts, they seem to work quite well and are stable. The cleaning is very easy too.

It is one of the slowest juicers in the list with around 40 RPMs in speed. This will make for a longer waiting time but do remember that the higher the speed, the higher the chances that the machine will get heated up and transfer some of the heat in the juice. Heated juice loses its quality very quickly, is prone to oxidation, will turn brown in minutes, and cannot be stored.

The slow speed is also ideal for ensuring the extraction process is optimal and all the essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals are protected.