The Best Easy To Clean Juicers

If you often find it difficult to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies could prove to be a healthy alternative. They are tasty, easy-to-consume, and nutritious.

This is the reason that we can’t thank our juicers enough. They are the must-have appliances that prepare healthy juices and smoothies within a few minutes.

Although everything about juicers sounds great and all, they are difficult to clean. If this one aspect is keeping you away from juices, we have your back. In this article, we will explore the best easy-to-clean juicers.

Let’s get started. But before that, let’s talk about the essential qualities that make an easy-to-clean juicer the best pick.

Best Easy To Clean Juicers

The Omega juicer is among the best of its kind. The juices it provides at a speed of 80 rpm are second to none. With a mind-boggling 15 year warranty you know your in safe hands.

The SKG A10 does a great job extracting vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables with its powerful 250 watt AC motor.

This Juicer by Breville is equipped with a Qaudra-Fin acid-resistant cone ensuring maximum extraction. This technology allows you to have a very nutritious drink.

The Aicok masticating juicer extracts almost 90% of the juice from all fruits and vegetables. All your juices will be very nutritious and full of flavor.

A juicer designed for larger fruits and vegetables. Equipped with a wide chute allowing its contents to be juiced in no time at all.

How to Choose the Best Easy-To-Clean Juicer

With an exclusive variety of juicers available in the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Each juicer comes equipped with its own set of features, pros, and cons, and you might feel that it is impossible to make a choice, let alone a correct one.

But you do not need to worry too much. Just decide what features you are looking and you are done.

Types of easy to clean juicers

There are 3 types of juicers available

·     Centrifugal Juicers

·     Masticating Juicers

·     Citrus Juicers

If you want one to make quick smoothies and blend other food items, then you can easily buy a centrifugal juicer. But if you are going to make breakfast smoothies, early in the morning, then a masticating juicer is the better option. Centrifugal juicers make too much noise and will definitely wake up others. A masticating juicer, on the other hand, has a quiet motor.

Now, both masticating and centrifugal juicers are relatively easy to clean. However, many masticating juicers have a reverse option, which gets the pulp out quite quickly. This option is not available with centrifugal juicers and the pulp might stick to the surface, making it difficult to get it out and clean the machine.

If you are health conscious, then a masticating juicer is for you. These juicers minimize oxidation, retaining all vitamins and minerals in the juice. Citrus juicers are only a good choice if you are going to make just citrus fruit juices. They are not affected by citric acid and can be cleaned easily, but nothing other than citric fruits can be juiced.


Once you have realized the purpose of your juicer, factor in your budget. While masticating juicers are more expensive, they reduce food waste significantly. Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, are affordable and multipurpose, but the extraction is not 100%.

Check each juicer for all relevant features and then decide what the best option is. It is not a difficult task. You simply have to know what you want to juice and how much you are willing to spend.

What Are The Benefits Of An Easy-To-Clean Juicer?

Quite predictably, an easy-to-clean juicer saves a lot of time on cleaning. It does not require dismantling. This way, such a juicer is fuss-free and perfect for the office-goers and other individuals who do not want to invest much time in their appliance’s upkeep and maintenance.

What’s more, an easy-to clean-juicer is much more hygienic. It can quickly be cleaned and dried and you will not have to worry about clogged chutes. Clogged chutes often lead to mold infestations and if the juicer is easy to clean, this can be prevented.

How Will You Know Which Juicer Is Easy To Clean?

When you are buying juicers, many of them will claim to be easy-to-clean. But how will you know if the juicer you wish to buy is actually easy to clean?

The juicers which do not have an elaborate cleaning method will usually have a reverse option. This allows it to spin in the reverse direction, releasing all the pulp. Otherwise, the extractable parts of the juicer will be dishwasher safe. This will allow quick and hassle-free cleaning.

What Is The Best Way To Use An Easy To Clean Juicer?

Before you start using a juicer, check what fruits and vegetables or other items you can actually put into it. Following the instructions, you can go ahead and extract any kind of juice that you wish to. However, to maintain your juicer properly, clean it immediately after use. Since it is easy to clean, the process will not take too much time.

Precautions to Take Before Using an Easy To Clean Juicer

While most juicers are very easy to assemble and operate, some precautions must be taken.

·     Make sure that the right amount of fruits or vegetables are added. Do not overload the juicer as that will cause overheating.

·     The juicer should be completely clean before adding fresh fruits or vegetables. If it is not, then the chances of the chute getting clogged are quite high.

·     Connect the juicer to a proper plug point. Do not forget to check the voltage before turning it on.

The Best Easy To Clean Juicers Available

There are many juicers available in the market and most of them claim to have easy cleaning procedures. The list below features five juicers which are actually very easy to clean and are quite good products.

Take a look to find out which juicer suits your needs.

Omega NC800HDS Juicer

The Omega Nutrition Center is a masticating juicer. It juices at a speed of 80 rpm which reduces heat and oxidation. This makes the juices healthy, containing the correct enzymes. The automatic juice ejection makes sure that most of the juice has been extracted. So, you will not need to worry about any of the raw vegetables or fruits going waste. Other than making delicious juices, you can use the Omega Nutrition Center to make baby food, nut butter from nuts, to grind coffee beans and whole spices and also to make soy milk. 


  • The end cap can be adjusted depending on how much juice output you want
  • The feed chute is quite wide. You will not need to prep and cut your vegetables or fruits into very small pieces
  • The juicer does not make a very loud noise. You can enjoy making your juices or smoothies in peace
  • All components, including attachment parts, will be available with the package. You will not need to buy any wires or other equipment to set up this juicer
  • 15 Year warranty!


  • The automatic juice extractor of the juicer might stop working after a while. This can happen if you have been using the juicer for a long time without proper maintenance. The pulp might get stuck and only half the juice will come out
  • The built-in handle is not very strong. If you apply pressure or grip it too tightly, it might break off
  • The juicer is not able to juice too many pieces of fruits or vegetables or other items at once. It will start to smoke and produce heat if overloaded

The SKG A10 juicer is a masticating cold press juicer. It extracts most vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. So, you can use it to make really nutritious and delicious juices. The juicer produces very little heat and therefore, you do not need to worry about losing nutrients to oxidation.

The package consists of a juicing bowl, feed chute, plain mesh, fine mesh, juicing screw, a couple of juicing cups, moto base, cleaning brush, and a stainless steel filter. 


  • The juicer has two feeders. The turnover feeder is good for large pieces and the hopper feeder is for thin or long vegetables like celery
  • You will be able to easily assemble the juicer 
  • The juicer can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly using the cleaning brush
  • A rough mesh and a fine mesh is provided. You can use these to strain your juices. The added filter can be used to strain any extra fibers or pulp
  • The components of the juicer are all made of good quality, BPA free, food-grade materials
  • 2 Year warranty


  • The juicer does not work very fast. It is quite slow in extracting juice
  • Herbs can clog up the chute and a smooth juice will not be produced

This juicer by Breville can be used to juice fruits of all sizes. It has a Quadra-Fin acid-resistant cone that ensures maximum extraction. The arm press is very efficient and you can easily press down on any citrus fruit. The motor does not make a loud noise while juicing. The machine is quite durable and weighs around eleven pounds. 


  • The juicing cone is resistant to the corrosive citric acid. Therefore, you can juice as many citrus fruits as you wish, without inflicting any harm onto the juicer
  • The juicer has a drip -top system. It stops excessive juice from spilling onto the countertop
  • The arm press is ergonomically designed. It also has a safety switch. This switch stops the cone from spinning till the arms are completely lowered and enough pressure is applied
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • The gears are not made of metal. They are made of plastic and therefore are not very durable
  • This juicer is more expensive than other similar juicers

The Aicok masticating juicer extracts almost 90% of the juice from all fruits and vegetables. It prevents oxidation and does not allow excessive foam formation on top of juices. This makes sure that all your juices have the maximum nutrients and are full of flavor.

The juicer is powered by a motor made of food-grade Tritan which is completely BPA-free. It has an upgraded spiral that allows most of the juice to be extracted, leaving behind very little pulp. 


  • The motor does not produce a loud and disturbing sound while juicing fruits or vegetables
  • The reverse function of the juicer allows thorough cleaning without clogging
  • The PMMA material, which is used for the spiral, does not affect the taste of the juices and it is safe for even babies
  • The machine is made of heavy-duty materials and is extremely durable
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Large 64oz pitcher
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • The juicer is quite slow. It will take a long time to completely extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables
  • You will not be able to juice any frozen fruits like berries in this juicer

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is designed to juice larger fruits and vegetables. It has a wider chute which allows large, whole fruits to be juiced in no time at all. Equipped with smooth, rounded parts, you need not worry about any pulp or fibers sticking to the surfaces. You can adjust the speed of the juicer.

If you wish to juice soft fruits or leafy vegetables, you can set the speed to low and if there are larger, harder fruits and vegetables that need to be juiced, the speed can be high. The machine is made out of BPA-free material. There is also a safety locking arm which does not allow the juicer to work without the lid on. 


  • There is a built-in froth separator. It allows the fresh juice to flow out while separating the froth
  • The titanium cutting disc is sharp enough to cut through and juice even large chunks of fruits or vegetables
  • You will not have to worry about overloading as the machine will automatically shut down in case of overheating
  • The juice jug along with the froth separator and the filter basket can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • While the juicer does extract a good amount of juice, it does not extract the maximum amount possible. You might find the pulp still a little wet after juicing
  • Leafy green vegetables are not easy to juice. The juicer can extract very little, leaving behind too much of the fibers

The Wrap Up

From the aforementioned juicers, it is clear that each has its pros and cons. You must weigh them out and find your best fit. If you are ready to take proper care of your juicer and not overload it, then the Omega Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center is a good option.

Compared to the other options, this is the most durable one. It produces nutrient-rich juice, leaving behind a considerably dry pulp. And like all other juicers on this list, it is extremely easy to clean as well.